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Statements von Teilnehmern der AIRTEC 2013

Airbus Operations GmbH, Hamburg Germany

Dr. Jens Telgkamp, Manager, Fuselage and generic structure design, (Germany)

“After two visits to the AIRTEC (2012 and 2013), I have a positive conclusion: AIRTEC offers a possibility for a technical/scientific exchange (conferences) in combination with very effective opportunities for networking through the exhibitions and the B2B meetings. I enjoyed the opportunity of the B2B meeting tool, which enables the visitor to schedule interesting B2B meetings in advance, find interesting contact through the search function and be contacted by other partners!"


Phil Ackerman, Sr. Manager Supplier Management, (USA)

“I have attended Airtec 2012 and 2013.  In both events I have been impressed with the range of Aerospace solutions that are represented at the exhibition and conferences.   The structure and organization of Airtec empowers creativity and creates a forum in which OEM’s can explore new technology solutions and interact with potential solution providers in a relaxed one on one setting. I highly recommend Airtec to all supply chain leaders.”

Bombardier Aerospace

Stephen Cowan, General Manager of Supply Chain (Northern Ireland, UK)

"Airtec 2013 for Bombardier was another great success, our participation and engagement with other primes & suppliers was excellent. The event was a stepped improvement from last year both in attendance, quality of exhibitors and visitors, particularly from the Composite Industry. My team met many new suppliers that we wouldn’t have been on our radar, had it not been for this event and its location was a spoke & hub for our supply base to have onsite meetings. Many new contacts have been made and we will be following up with several suppliers and advancing to the RFP stage. Bombardier will be attending the Airtec 2014 event and will increase the number of senior Procurement representation and cover more of the days to maximise engagement and hopefully find new suppliers. The Supply Chain Management summit where many of the leading Aerospace primes share their view of the future and current issues facing our industry is well supported and we expect more interest generated in 2014 compared to previous years, because you’ll never get a better opportunity to be in their company and to meet them during the B2B sessions... so book early as we’re predicting this will be an oversubscribed event next year."


Garry Perks, Head of Procurement Marketing, (UK)

“2013 is the first time AgustaWestland has attended an  Airtec event and we were very impressed with the efficiency of the organisation before and during the event. Also the high quality of the discussions that we held reflected the care that had been taken to ensure that a good proportion of exhibitors matched with our potential needs. We look forward to the possibility of attending future events.”

Bell Helicopter Textron

Jennifer Potts, Director Global Sourcing & Outsourcing, Procurement Supply Chain Management (USA)

2013 was the first AIRTEC event Bell Helicopter has attended. The event was well organized and the B2B meetings allowed for introductions to occur across a highly diverse, global, and professional supply base. It is a great platform for meeting companies from around the world in a single location.

Snecma / Safran Group

Emmanuel LAFOY, Marketing & Global Sourcing Dpt, (France)

“It was a real pleasure for myself as Snecma / Safran Group to participate for the first time to this AIRTEC 2013 in Frankfurt though I am used to attend other business conventions; AIRTEC 2013 was really a fruitful event for Snecma Sourcing Dpt. The event was very well organized, the platform for the B2B is user-friendly and efficient for appointment management. Snecma / Safran Group will go on attending AIRTEC events, in order to find new suppliers AS/EN9100 certified and Nadcap accredited.”

Honeywell Aerospace

Jean-Simon Allard, EMEA Strategic Sourcing Manager, (Switzerland)

“Over the years, I’ve seen Airtec grow in the number of participants. 2013 was a very impressive year as the quality, diversity and number of current and potential suppliers made my time at the event more than worthwhile. One of the key element is the professionalism and enthusiasm of the Airtec personnel. Honeywell will definitely come with more procurement team members for the 2014 edition.”


Philippe Stoltz, Vice-President Engineering, (France)

“It was a real pleasure for myself as AEROLIA representative to participate for the first time to this AIRTEC 2013 in Frankfurt. In addition to a warm welcome from the AIRTEC organization, the diversity and the professionalism of the exhibitors were there to guaranty high benefit of B2B meetings. That allowed better knowledge of each companies, sometimes discussing strategic orientations, often sharing views of similar working environment. For sure, I will do my best to participate to next year congress.”

Parker Aerospace

Brad Alexander, Supply Chain Integration and Manager of International Industrial Cooperation (USA)

„The AIRTEC 2013 conference enabled Parker Aerospace to meet many new aerospace companies as well as renew acquaintances with other companies and existing business partners. The AIRTEC engagements were enlightening and the experience was very fulfilling. Parker Aerospace looks forward to exploring the business opportunities that result from the event. “


Gianluca Gatti, Head of Supply Chain Management, (Italy)

“I would like to congratulate for the excellent organization, quality and atmosphere of the Fair on behalf of MBDA. We found some interesting suppliers with niche technologies that we can explore also for the Defence sector. I would also like to take this opportunity to say that Airtec has achieved that because having a  very capable team that has seamlessly worked hard and managed to create throughout the event a fantastic sense of belonging of everyone, even us who were new to this event. I would like to express also the congratulations to Diana who strongly believes that business and value can be created by developing a long lasting relationship! Thanks for all.”

Patria Aerostructures Oy

Jouko Halonen, Director, Procurement, (Finland)

“Airtec 2013 was fully meeting my expectations - with well structured prebooking system of B2B meetings Airtec created an event where you can meet suppliers of your interest in efficient way. All arrangements and evening social events create a friendly atmosphere for fruitful discussion with your colleagues. For me this year was the first time in Airtec, but for sure not the last time.”

Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Shigeru Yamanobe, Buyer (Japan)

“It was my second time visit of AIRTEC and very pleased to have this opportunity. Last time, I met more than 30 companies during the show and this time I met 45 companies during three days. This show is well organized and very effective to see many companies.  Matching system is also very powerful and convenient. I have no stress to arrange a meeting with necessary companies.  Furthermore, it is also very impressive to see other companies’ procurement policy such as Boeing, Bombardier and Triumph etc.”

TAI - Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc

Halil Atilla, Chief/Subcontracting, Programs Directorate (Turkey)

“We, TAI’s A/C Group team is glad that have attended yet another AIRTEC event, AIRTEC 2013. We have closely witnessed that this event is rapidly evolving towards a more and more successful organization and also experienced how efficiently it works. We have been attending B2B-meetings for some years now, and we are happy to see that the growth of this event is so obvious regarding the increase of both the exhibitors/visitors and also the increase of the broad international participation. During the AIRTEC 2013, we caught the opportunity to talk to many B2B-meeting participants, we believe that we have found a very interesting  international supplier base, both existing and new suppliers from many different nations and from various important sectors of the aerospace supply chain along with some important capabilities/innovations that are worth to consider in our future programs. We look forward to the AIRTEC 2014 to attend with an even expanding TAI team.

Aero Vodochody

Gerrard McCluskey, Vice President Engineering, (Czech Republic)

“In all honestly I have never attended such a well organised event in terms of meetings and forums! I just wish the other airshows were that well organised. Over 20 meetings in 1 day. Organisers extremely nice, I felt looked after and would go again.”


Miguel Castillo, VP Technology Development, (Spain)

„Airtec 2013 has provided me and my company, Aernnova, value for the time, Money and efforts to accommodate the best B2B agenda. This is based on two key ingredients: the leading edge techno-logy offer from aeronautics supply chain and the quality of the key notes with good representation of the aeronautics OEMs and Tier Ones. Congratulations and looking forward for a new Airtec!“

OGMA – Indústria Aeronáutica de Portugal S.A.

Rui Soares, Subcontracting Contract Manager, Vitor Pereira, Purchasing Department, (Portugal)

“This is the 2nd presence of OGMA in this event and personally our first time. On behalf of OGMA we are very pleased with our participation. AIRTEC provides access to a wide range of Global Aerospace suppliers via the B2B meetings that give us the opportunity to identify and meet potential suppliers and to connect with people across the aerospace sector.

We would like to thanks the whole team of AIRTEC for its professionalism, and for all the support during the event and we look forward to the AIRTEC 2014.”


Emilio Abengózar, Procurement Coordinator Aerospace (Spain)

“To attend Airtec 2013 in Frankfurt was an excellent opportunity to catch up with suppliers we are on business right now, as well as to discover new potential candidates for our projects in aeronautics and space. Coordination and logistics of the event was proficient managed, and in spite of the fact that I was only 1 day, I managed to meet up with even more suppliers  than I had expected. Needless to say, I would be glad to attend again next year, and I would recommend any company that wants to expand its activities in the industry to consider Airtec as a reference to do business.”


Georges Vianey, Lead Segment Buyer (France)

“Nous avons trouvé un grand intérêt à participer au Salon Airtec 2013 .  Pour être efficace , la formule proposée en B to B demande toutefois un travail préparatoire important avant le salon , mais le resultat est là , et les Rendez vous ont pour une grande part  d’entre eux confirmés l’intêrét attendu .  Le panel fournisseurs gagnerait à etre elargi à certains pays non representés ou sous représentés compte tenu de leur potentiel comme la Pologne, la Turquie ou bien encore le Portugal.”

bavAIRia e.V.

Horst Steinberg, Vorstand bavAIRia, (Germany)

“Die erstmalige Beteiligung unseres bayrischen Luft-und Raumfahrtclusters bavAIRia mit einem Gemeinschaftsstand auf der diesjährigen AIRTEC hat sich ausgesprochen gelohnt. Unsere Mitglieder wurden überzeugt von 

  • den guten, professionellen, vorbereiteten B2B Gesprächspartnern
  • der effizienten Organisation (max 30 min – one to one)
  • den hochinteressanten, technischen Begleitkonferenzen
  • den Zusatzkontakten aus den Konferenzen
  • der stark wachsenden, von uns mitunterstützen UAV World
  • dem neuen Fokus Aerospace Sensors und Testing 
  • der Professionalität der Koordinierung und Abwicklung
  • der gelungenen Abendveranstaltung

Gerne sind wir nächstes Jahr bei dem sicher steigenden Bedarf unserer Mitglieder wieder dabei.“

ASIS - AeroSpace Initiative Saxony

Michael Muth, Geschäftsführer, (Germany)

„Die AIRTEC war auch in diesem Jahr für uns wieder ein sehr wichtiges Ereignis. Die hohe Qualität der Fachbesucher und der zahlreichen Vorträge bietet den sächsischen Unternehmen die Möglichkeit sehr gezielt und kompakt mit ihren innovativen Produkten bei den OEMs und wichtigen Systemherstellern Aufmerksamkeit zu erlangen.“

U.S. Commercial Service, American Consulate General

Moritz v. Holst, Commercial Specialist 

“In 2013, the U.S. Commercial Service Germany expanded its support for AIRTEC and was able to get a first-hand impression of the show. Feedback from international company participants, trade visitors and conference speakers was tremendously positive. What ran like a thread through all comments was the B2B matchmaking program. Starting some 6 weeks before the show, it gives the participants full control of their schedules. One U.S. systems integrator told us that their calendar filled up within 2 days after the kick-off date, not within 2 weeks as usual. This proves that AIRTEC has strengthened its standing as a focused B2B event for the entire aerospace supply chain, especially from a U.S. perspective. A highlight at this year’s show was the presence of the Ohio Aerospace Institute (OAI). They used AIRTEC 2013 as a platform to introduce their additive manufacturing initiative to a global audience during the “Supply on the Wings” conference. At AIRTEC 2014, the organizers want to intensify their cooperation with selected U.S. States, namely California. All participants will benefit from AIRTEC’s simple and effective matchmaking formula. Thus, the U.S. Commercial Service Germany believes that AIRTEC 2014 will be an excellent venue for U.S. aerospace suppliers to meet with OEMs and systems integrators from Europe and beyond.”

CBI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Cor Dieleman, Peter Lichthart, (Netherlands)

„This was our third participation at AIRTEC. This time with four co-exhibitors from India Pakistan and Philippines. We experienced again the importance of organizing meetings via the B2B platforms which made the participation for us and our co exhibitors very successful based on the good leads and contacts made with customers and potential customers. The fair is very focused and very suitable for our participants within CBI's industrial programs on export coaching who  could supply to the high demanding Aerospace market.”

Kongsberg Defence Systems

Bjørn Boye Hansen, Marketing & Sales Aerostructures, (Norway)

„AIRTEC fulfilled our expectations. Well organized and a good place to meet and listen to the right people”


Nicolas Laval, Marketing Manager Aerospace, (France)

"On behalf of Constellium, I would like to congratulate the Airtec personnel for its professionalism and enthusiasm that made this event a very successful convention for us. For our second participation as an exhibitor, we experienced again a very efficient and effective B2B platform allowing key meetings with customers and prospects. Airtec is clearly today a powerful event to develop new relationships, meet key stakeholders in aerospace while facilitating short, medium and long term initiatives within the industry."

KUKA Systems, Aerospace Group

Dan Friz, Director of Business Management, (USA)

"KUKA have exhibited at Airtec for a number of years. It’s a great way to meet our existing partners and meet new partners for our solutions in the Aerospace industry.
The Business to Business platform is the best tool for organizing our meetings and getting the most out of our show investment.
The organizers do a great job to make this the best show possible for all participating."


Vincent Cohu, Head of Aerospace Market (France)

"It was my first time at Airtec and I really enjoyed it. For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to save time and money: within a couple of days I had very profitable and efficient talks with the right persons from the most important companies I wished to meet. The place is very practical and the BtoB platform is a really wonderful tool which allows attendants and visitors to organize and prepare their meetings. On top of this, the Airtec team is helpful and dynamic.”

Sitec Aerospace GmbH

Markus Berghausen, Sales / Project Manager (Germany)

"It was a pleasure to exhibit on the AIRTEC 2013 in Frankfurt. It was very well organized. The B2B-portal is comfortable and easy to use. The meetings were a success to us. We made a lot of new contacts. I am looking forward to take part in 2014 again."

Uygur, Ltd.

Dilan Cakin, (Turkey)

"AIRTEC 2013 has been a really fruitful convention for us. Especially the B2B platform makes it very -to the point-, efficient and effective. It was a great opportunity to meet the key people in the aerospace industry, and present our company and capabilities. We thank to the AIRTEC team for this successful event."


Yolanda García Luque, Sales Department (Spain)

„We have been participating now for a few years and we will carry on doing it because the exhibition provides us the chance to both, meeting new companies and potential clients and intensify the ones already done. As well, Airtec’s B2B platform is a really easy tool to use and helps a lot organizing your meetings schedule and in making business.“

Positronic Industries and Neumüller Elektronik GmbH

Gaby Cristian Mindreci, Sales Organization Manager Positronic Europe (France)

„ As a global connector manufacturer with an established reputation in supplying high performance interconnect solutions to the mil-aero sector, Positronic is effectively realigning its activities in Europe with the ultimate goal to bridge our unique expertise in connectivity with the complex demands of the latest technologies utilized in the aerospace industry. Our recent alliance with Neumüller Elektronik represents a statement of our mutual commitment to increase and solidify our presence in Germany. The culminating event for our marketing activity in Germany in 2013 was our participation at AIRTEC in November, which underscored the closing of the year with an important number of valuable leads and engaging opportunities. The organization of the event was state-of-the-art in class, efficiency and professional courtesy and our interaction with the organizers has definitely marked the beginning of a relationship worth beholding in greatest esteem. Thank you AIRTEC, we will be there in 2014!.“


Ignacio Grau Pardo, Head of Marketing and Communication (Spain)

„ We as exhibitors at the AIRTEC had the opportunity to contact visitors from top companies. We believe that the value of this event is in its scope. The AIRTEC is more personal than larger European exhibitions, and that is definitely a plus. For companies like GHENOVA, it is important to share their knowledge and experience in a close way with visitors. Also, B2B meetings platform is one of the most effective we have found, compared to those from other trade fairs. That is why we congratulate the organization not only on the platform monitoring --before and during the holding of the AIRTEC-- but also on their interest in our company. “

DEWETRON Elektronische Messgeräte GmbH

Dirk Mahler, Business Development & Sales Engineer (Germany)

"Besonders in einer Welt mit vielerlei Informationsquellen und –wegen ist es wichtig Möglichkeiten anzubieten, wo sich Interessenten kompakt und übersichtlich über unsere Produkte informieren können. Daher war das Angebot von B2B-Meetings, der ausschlaggebende Punkt für die Teilnahme der Dewetron Elektronische Messgeräte GmbH. Es konnten zahlreiche, interessante Gespräche geführt werden, die im Feedback als sehr vielversprechend gelten. Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass ohne B2B Meetings, so mancher Kontakt nicht zustande gekommen wäre. Die Besucherzahlen und die Organisation der AIRTEC 2013 sprechen für sich – wir freuen uns auf ein Wiedersehen in 2014. Ein herzliches Dankeschön an die Organisatoren der Messe."

P3 Voith Aerospace GmbH

Tobias Geißinger, (Germany)

"Die AIRTEC war auch in diesem Jahr für die P3 Voith Aerospace GmbH erfolgreich. Es konnten neue Kontakte geknüpft und interessante Gespräche geführt werden. Durch die Messe können sich künftig neue Projektmöglichkeiten ergeben."


Dr.-Ing. Ute Hörmann, Consumer Testing Services Account Manager (Germany)

„It was the first time we exhibited at AIRTEC 2013. We appreciated the well organized B2B platform and the high level conferences. In three days we had more than fifty meetings with well prepared technical experts and decision makers. The international conferences bring together scientists and industry to discuss new developments in Aerospace. In short, we were amazed by the perfect organization, the quality meetings and the scientific discussions, all at a fair price. Thanks to the AIRTEC team! We are looking forward to AIRTEC next year.”

HKO Isolier- und Textiltechnik

Carsten Stöckmann, Gruppenleiter Vertrieb (Germany)

„HKO Heat Protection Group is highly satisfied with AIRTEC 2013. A little less than 50 expert talks lead to new potential applications for our protective products and continuation and development of business relations. From that reason we will attend AIRTEC 2014 with its B2B-Platform as well.”

The Boeing Company

Gerould Young, Director of Materials and Processes – Boeing R&T

„AIRTEC is a well-organized Conference with wide ranging topics of interest for Aerospace.  The focus on supply chain and technology provides an opportunity to look at future possibilities while considering how to achieve these possibilities within a supply chain”

Hitco Carbon Composites

Dr. Leslie Jay Cohen (USA)

„This is hitco carbon composites 6th consecutive participation in airtec. The value to our technical and supply chain management team continues to exceed expectations.The global scm and r and d summits are global bench mark conference venues

We will be at airtec 2014. We will b2b. Sign up early”

PCB Piezotronics, Inc.

Dr. Ing.Carmine Salzano, International Aerospace Defense Manager (USA)

„Airtec is a unique event in the world at moment for all International Aerospace companies: a unique combination of business and technical forum with exhibition and B2B. Also this year I presented papers and I believe Aerospace sensors and testing Conference is very promising as the only event of this kind today.”

Alenia Aermacchi

Alessio Lunghi, UAS Human Machine Interface specialist (Italy)

„AIRTEC 2013 has been a great opportunity to present our innovative solutions to a competent and interested audit. The right fair also to get proficient contacts with important aerospace companies and institutions. Very well organized considering the different topics in which the congress had been split. Congratulation and hope to join AIRTEC again in next years.”

Telespazio VEGA Deutschland GmbH

Dr. Martin Frühauf, Director Business Development Military Aerospace (Germany)

„AIRTEC is a very valuable combination of a conference, an exhibition and an opportunity for face-to-face meetings. In particular, I found the conference topics well-chosen with an interesting list of speakers and conference presentations.”

Statements von Teilnehmern der AIRTEC 2012

U.S. Commercial Service

Moritz von Holst, Commercial Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service

“AIRTEC 2012 has strengthened its standing as a focused B2B event for the entire aerospace supply chain, especially from a U.S. perspective.  The increased U.S. presence at the show was complemented by an increased participation of European procurement managers, supply chain managers and technology managers, which led to more meetings at the show, which led to more deals closed.  Building on this simple and effective success formula, AIRTEC 2013 holds special potential for U.S. aerospace suppliers through a cooperation with several U.S. States.  The U.S. Commercial Service Germany believes that AIRTEC 2013 is an excellent venue for U.S. aerospace suppliers to meet and liaise with OEMs and primes.” 

The Boeing Company

Andrew S. Bicos, PhD, Director, Enterprise Manufacturing Technologies

“2012 was my first year at AIRTEC and I was impressed with the mix of excellent technical presentations and the ample opportunities to connect with people from across the aerospace sector. The combination of exhibition, B2B meetings and technical conferences was an excellent venue for all this to occur. And I was very impressed with the large, and growing, international attendance. I was able to make new business connections and learned about new things due to AIRTEC. I want to give the whole AIRTEC team my thanks for a very enjoyable and successful week in Frankfurt!”

Airbus Deutschland

Dr. Lars Fiedler, Senior Manager, R&T Fuselage Structures

“It was my first time at AIRTEC this year and I was impressed by this valuable combination of aerospace supplier exhibition and technical conference, which I consider as quite unique. I really appreciated the high quality and high level technical conference presentations and the opportunity to connect with and learn from a worldwide aerospace network. The B2B-meeting tool enabled efficient and focused discussions with supply chain representatives and gave this event a distinctive atmosphere. I thank the organisers and would appreciate to be back next year.”

Bombardier Aerospace

Stephen Cowan, General Manager, Supply Chain, (Northern Ireland)

“Aerospace drives innovations- innovations drive Aerospace', this quote sums up the two days I spent at Airtec. The event was extremely well organised and the quality of lectures and B2B sessions were of a very high standard. This is a must attend event for buyers, engineers, researchers and experts in the Aerospace industry, to see best practice and share experiences. My team of Sourcing managers have made new contacts and found suppliers that meet our requirements."

Pratt & Whitney Canada

Pierre Oligny, European Procurement Director, (Canada)

“This was our third participation at Airtec and it impressing to see continuous growing number of exhibitor’s year over year and this is why we are exhibiting at Airtec. Over the 3 days, we participated at more than 50 B2B meeting and that bring us to some interesting discussion with new potential suppliers. It is amazing to see the logistic and professionalism of Airtec team during the event. Looking forward to participate at the Airtec 2013”

Snecma Safran Group

Bernard Eby, GM Marketing & Global Sourcing Dpt, (France)

“AIRTEC BtoB 2012 has been a fruitful event for Snecma Sourcing Dpt. The event was as usual very well organized by the Airtec Team, the web for the BtoB is user-friendly and efficient for appointment management. Half an hour for each BtoB appointment is short but we have defined with most of the supplier an action plan in order to make progress together after the event. Safran Group will continue to attend AIRTEC events, in order to find new suppliers AS/EN9100 certified and special process Nadcap approved.”


Phil Dabell, Supply Chain Development Leader – Forward Sourcing, (Great Britain)

“The AIRTEC fairs provide access to a wide range of Global Aerospace supply chains via the Business 2 Business element. This enabled direct and quality meetings which were conducted in a highly professional environment. AIRTEC remains an important event in the supply chain calendar and we look forward to participating again at AIRTEC 2013.”

Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TAI), A/C Group

Halil Atilla, Chief of Subcontracts, (Turkey)

“Subcontracting team of Aircraft Group who leads the role of outsourcing Systems and Major Airborne Equipment for the Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) was glad to be represented at Airtec 2012 by increased visitors-participants/members of the Group. This event is becoming an important opportunity for us to meet International Suppliers and Manufacturers for different equipment/systems in the Aerospace world. Because it provides excellent opportunity to meet potential suppliers for different and new equipment/supplies along with innovations that will always be worth to consider for our new programs/products as OEM. I am so happy to see that Airtec is growing and improving from year to year inspite of the current global economic situation. As it was in the past, this year also, the quality of the meetings, the organization and the evening events were very special and of superior level. The organizers and their team are truly professional and the special profile of AIRTEC in comparison to other B2B-meeting events in the aerospace industry was very impressive. Therefore the organizers and their team are worth to be highly complimented. Members of my team and myself look forward to participate in the Airtec 2013 to meet more potential suppliers for our current and future programs. Again, I would like to repeat my big compliments to the organizers who have evidently put big efforts to make this event very efficient and well organized. I do believe that this AIRTEC event will continue to progress and to be one of the most successful events in our industry.”

Honeywell Aerospace

Jean-Simon Allard, EMEA Strategic Sourcing Manager, (Switzerland)

“In terms of the quality of the event, I must say that this was the best in the three years I visited. The diversity of the companies in terms of capabilities and geography makes Airtec an ideal location to meet current suppliers and discover potential ones. Compared to other events of the same size, Airtec’s B2B platform is by far the easiest to use and to organize meeting schedule with companies that can help in the short and long run. Anyone in the aerospace industry should consider having Airtec in their calendar to help them stay on the edge.”

AERAZUR ZodiacAerospace

Magali Duruble, Equipment Buyer, (France)

“This Airtec event was well organized, with fruitful meetings. This international event has the advantage to be on a 'human size' that makes the exchanges easier. Our plan is to exchange some NDA with exhibitors and to meet our already known suppliers. The possibility to meet contacts that were not forecasted is really a good asset! I will recommend this event to some of my contacts!”


Safran Hispano-Suiza

Pierre Le Galiard, Head of Global Sourcing & offset development, (France)

“AIRTEC B toB 2012 has been a very time effective event for SAFRAN HISPANO-SUIZA sourcing. Over 2 days, we had scheduled meetings with 30 selected suppliers, many of them were very little known by us or not known at all. Some of the contacts proved to be very interesting and we will continue further to investigate on the parts that they could manufacture for us. The third and last days of the event, we visited the booths of some companies that exhibited material. We had not noticed those companies at the beginning when we were selecting our meetings through the internet. Here again we found one interesting potential partner. SAFRAN HISPANO-SUIZA will continue to attend AIRTEC events.”


Giancarlo Castellini, Subcontracting Manager, (Belgique)

Congratulations for the organization of this Airtec 2012. It was my first participation to this event where many contacts have been established, some of them very interesting, and that will certainly help us with our current and future projects. Numerous exhibitors present were this year and I have appreciated their high technical level. It will be a great pleasure to come back in the next year’s event and I wish you the same success for Airtec 2013.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe Ltd

Russell Marwood, Senior Buyer, (Great Britain)

“I thought Airtec 2012 was an excellent opportunity to meet potential suppliers in the Aerospace industry. On a personal level it was very rewarding to meet industry experts and share knowledge between our companies. "

Kawasaki Heavy Industries

Shigeru Yamanobe, Manager of 787 Purchasing Section Material Department, Manufacturing Division Aerospace, (Japan)

“This is the first time for us to attend AIRTEC. AIRTEC BtoB has been a fruitful event for Kawasaki Heavy Ind (KHI). We met more than 30 different supplier and almost all of them were new for us. Those are coming from Germany, Poland, Switzerland, China, Turkey, France, Great Britain, etc… The event was well organized, the web for the BtoB is user-friendly and efficient for appointment management. Half an hour for each appointment is a good for first contact and we will develop those within the next months. KHI will continue to attend AIRTEC events, especially for meeting new AS/EN9100 certified companies.”

Bombardier Aerospace

Brian R Douglas, Chief Buyer, (Northern Ireland)

"The B2B format was very effective. It gave us the opportunity to not only meet the suppliers we had arranged to see but also to meet others when we had time. I have recommended that Bombardier support this event next year"


Nicolas LAVAL, Global Marketing Manager, (France)

“On behalf of Constellium we are very pleased with our first participation at AIRTEC 2012. We have appreciated the quality of the organisation and the level of participants in the different events. The combinaison of exhibition, B2B meetings and conferences makes AIRTEC a valuable meeting-place for us. The B2B meetings were very efficient and allowed us to have very good discussions with key people from the aerospace industry, showing interest for our advanced technologies. We would like to thanks the whole team of AIRTEC for its professionalism and involvement for succes of the event. ”

Airbus Military

Manuel Feberero, CBC Commercial, (Spain)

“Me and my colleagues feel very satisfied with the exhibition result. Really we had a lot of contacts and a lot of B2B meeting, which were very interest. The participant level was high like the organization team. In fact, we can considerate completely successfully.”


Sandrine van der Heyden, (Belgium)

“During 3 intensive days of exchanges at Airtec, we ended up with numerous development perspectives. Thanks to the efficient B2B platform organisation we had the opportunity to identify and meet the right experts to develop synergies for growing up in the coming years.”

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Arnstein Solberg, Senior Principal Engineer, (Norway)

“This year was the first time KONGSBERG exhibited at Airtec. Our expectation was moderate but we thought the cost for participating was reasonable compared with other major exhibitions. And the concept of combining B2B-platform and the conference was appealing. It turned out that the B2B meetings would keep us busy for the three days with over 40 B2B meetings booked, for this reason we are not able to comment on the conference part of Airtec. A number of the meetings provided really concrete business possibilities to KONGSBERG, furthermore we got to know a large number of suppliers.”

Denel Aerostructures SOC Ltd.

Ismail Dockrat, Chief Executive Officer, (South Africa)

“This was the first time that Denel Aerostructures participated at AIRTEC and contributed to the “Supply on the Wings” Conference. We found the exhibition and associated B2B meetings to be of tremendous value in identifying new leads and opportunities as we grow our business. The quality of the meetings was excellent, and we felt that we were speaking to the right people in the companies we targeted. We found the conference and associated Supply Chain and Procurement Summit to be of great value too, as it allowed us to understand the major trends influencing our industry, and, importantly, what our customers are looking for from their suppliers. On the whole, the intimate networking afforded by this kind of event was well worth our while. We will definitely be back in 2013.”

Denison Industries

Chris Norch, President, (USA)

“The 2012 Airtec Conference and B2B meetings were a well-organized and informational consortium for aerospace and aviation suppliers and customers. We were first-time exhibitors and viewed our exposure at this conference as a monumental success. The B2B format was very helpful in utilizing time and making key contacts. We look forward to returning in 2013”

Tital GmbH

Philipp Jerusalem, Director Sales & Marketing, (Germany)

“The Airtec 2012 was a well organized platform for meetings with potential business partners. The time spent was worthwhile and we will surly participate again in 2013.”

KUKA Systems Corporation Aerospace Group

Daniel C. Friz, Global Development Manager (USA)

“AIRTEC 2012 was an extremely successful event for KUKA’s Aerospace Group.  As the aerospace industry continues to grow its footprint globally it is important to develop your network of customers and suppliers.  AIRTEC is an excellent avenue to accomplish the required networking to achieve consistent annual growth.  This exposition and the planned B-2-B meetings allowed for our team to meet with several new customers and strategic partners, which will keep us coming back.”


Avner Ben-Bassat, President (Israel)

"Airtec 2012 was unquestionably a very successful event for Plataine. The target audience for this event - aerospace suppliers and manufacturers from all the tiers of the industry - matched what we were looking for. Airtec's unique B2B platform helped us focus our efforts and better manage our time – both before and during the show - and allowed us to set quality meetings with potential customers and partners. The highly professional conferences are another great advantage of Airtec, and we were delighted with the level of presenters and diversity of topics".

MBFZ toolcraft GmbH

Christoph Hauck (Germany)

„Nachdem wir in den Jahren 2010 und 2011 erfolgreich auf der Airtec vertreten waren, nehmen wir auch in 2012 wieder teil. Die Messe bietet für uns die Möglichkeit, bereits generierte Kontakte zu intensivieren und neue Interessenten kennenzulernen. Durch die ausgewählte Menge an Ausstellern und Besuche eines hochqualifizierten Fachpublikums entstehen intensive und themenbezogene Gespräche, die für beide Seiten bereichernd sind. Optimal ist dabei die Möglichkeit, Termine bereits im Vorfeld über die B2B-Platform zu vereinbaren, die entsprechend vorbereitet werden können. Unser in diesem Jahr erweiterter Messestand bietet uns die Option, das Spektrum unseres Unternehmens noch intensiver vorzustellen und den Besuchern einen genauen Eindruck unseres Angebot zu vermitteln.“

Leistritz Turbomaschinen Technik GmbH

Bernd Kretschmer (Germany)

„Wenngleich die Messe einen zu ruhigen Eindruck vermittelt, überzeugt sie letztlich durch die ausgezeichneten B2B Meetings und der Qualität einiger Gespräche doch, welche Geschäftsmöglichkeiten aufzeigen, die man ansonsten nicht erkannt hätte.“

CBI - Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Cor Dieleman, Peter Lichthart, (Netherlands)

“This was our second participation at Airtec with two co-exhibitors from India and Pakistan. We experienced again the importance of organizing meetings via the B2B platforms which made the participation for us and our two co exhibitors very successful based on the good leads and contacts made with customers and potential customers. The fair is very focused and much better and more suitable for our participants within CBI's industrial programs on export coaching who supply mainly to the high demanding Aerospace market compared to other industrial fairs in Europe.”

ASIS AeroSpace Initiative Saxony, IHK Dresden

Jan Keller, Projektkoordinator, (Germany) 

“With its well-structured B2B platform AIRTEC provides an interesting mix between opportunities of presentation and direct initiation of contacts. As one of five participants at the joint stand of Saxony that was organized by the Chamber of Commerce Dresden, Germany, the ASIS – AeroSpace Initiative Saxony as a network for the Saxon aerospace industry was very satisfied with the business talks and provided lectures. The trade visitors showed great interest in the presented competences of the aerospace industry Saxony and used the opportunity to get in contact with the participating companies at our joint stand. This success was an important factor for the decision to put AIRTEC again in the Saxon program of the Chamber of Commerce 2013 for exhibition participation.”

R&D Precision Exports (Pvt) Ltd.

Omar Zaman, CEO & Director, (Pakistan)

"We participated at Airtec 2012 for the second time as co-exhibitor with CBI. This year we had meetings organized with customers and potential customers that have a great portfolio and are Aerospace Industry leaders. We have been able to attract some very important customers who hold a dominant role in the Aerospace Industry in Europe. Consequently, we received some very good visits, an NDA from one customer and invitations to visit several others in the coming weeks with enquiries. It brings our company to a position where it has recognition in the Aerospace Industry in Europe."

Gage Oto

Ahmet Fak, CEO, (Turkey)

"We GAGE participated for the first time at AIRTEC 2012 in Frankfurt Germany. We wanted to thank to organizer to this b2b special event and to thank them for the very good meetings we had. We will exhibit again in 2013”

Thales Alenia Space Deutschland GmbH

Sven Carstensen, Managing Director, (Germany)

“It was our first time as an exhibitor at AirTec following our last year participation as a visitor and I can truly say that all our expectations have been more than fulfilled. The concept of combining conferences with excellent international keynote speakers and an exhibition supported by a remarkable B2B platform is creating a fruitful and extremely professional atmosphere. On top, this event is very well organised at an easily reachable location. My strong recommendation is to “save the date” for this event in 2013.”

EADS Astrium - Crisa

Jaime Serrano Conesa, Head of Power & Ground Segment Products Department, (Spain)

“I want to thank you for the excellent work done in the preparation and execution of the Airtec 2012 fair. I had the opportunity to meet important customers and suppliers and to discuss with colleagues in a nice environment. I had as well the opportunity to meet some interesting potential suppliers I didn’t know before, thanks to the B2B platform. I attended mainly the Space section, and the presentations were all very interesting; several very hot topics of the industry were addressed. It is our plan to attend Airtec 2013 and meet you there again.”

MDA Space Missions

Giovanni D’Aliesio, Manager New Business Electronics, (Canada)

“It was my first time attending Airtec and the Space World conference and I was very impressed overall. I found the event to be well organized and professional. The presentations were of very high quality, extremely relevant and interesting. The attendees were from an international audience and very knowledgeable in their fields. The format and venue were all geared to maximize B2B meetings. It allowed me the opportunity to meet current customers and suppliers as well as potential new ones within a short amount of time.“

TU München

Prof. Florian Holzapfel, Institute of Flight System Dynamics, (Germany)

“The rise of UAV or RPAS has been well visible over the previous years. Mainly driven by military applications and maybe considered to positively with respect to civil applications, the field slowly turns to a realistic and important branch of the aerospace world. The ongoing definition of certification criteria along with reasonable technical solutions to address them, RPAS are developing towards something suitable for real life. The young and promising segment of RPAS deserves an own platform in Europe and particularly in Germany. It should not be hidden behind a multitude of other topics in large events and it should not be given up and it should not be left to others. AIRTEC UAV World has proven to be a professional platform where the RPAS/UAV world can meet and be visible by its own. Established several years ago, it provides the opportunity for stable growth. The basis is there - now the invitation is to all of us to strive for the best and show the European flavour of RPAS to the world.”

Prof. Richard Degenhardt

Chairman “7th. Int. Conference Supply on the Wings”, German Aerospace Center (DLR) and Private University of Applied Sciences (PFH), (Germany)

“Every year this conference is improving and growing. However, there was a significant step-forward in 2012. The high lights were 16 keynote presentations from high level speakers from Hitco, Boeing (2x), Airbus, Premium Aerotec, European Commission, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Fokker Aerostructures, PAR, SGL, Embraer, MAG Composites, Denel SAAB Aerostructures, Structural Composites and Web Industries. In total the conference programme combined more than 90 presentations from more than 20 countries. All in all I got a very positive feedback from the participants.”

Hitco Carbon Composites, Inc.

Dr Leslie Jay Cohen, Senior Vice President, (USA)

“AIRTEC continues to ascent to be the composites supplier conference the global supply chain. Its B2B networking is the global standard for excellence. If you want to meet the leaders of the business and their technical specialist on core competency subjects that will take your company to the next level you must be at AIRTEC.”

Dr Mark D. White

Chairman “4th. Int. HELI World Conference”, University of Liverpool (UK)

“AIRTEC 2012 featured the 4th International HELI World conference with 12 papers being presented over a 2 day period. The conference provided an excellent mix of industrial and academic presentations, covering areas as diverse as the complexities of aircraft financing, the problems associated with changing operational requirements to Blue Sky projects examining the future of Personal Air Transportation Systems. The challenges faced by the helicopter industry to produce affordable, versatile, multi-role products were very well presented by Eurocopter regarding the development of a future transport helicopter as well as by Marenco Swisshelicopter in consideration of a light helicopter design. The high quality of the presentations led to well informed and engaging discussions throughout the conference. The AIRTEC team should be congratulated for continuing to enhance the quality and expand the scope of this conference which should bode very well for what is to come next year.”

Teilnehmer der AIRTEC 2014: